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 "Dworkin's books and plays have the ability to draw us into dreams of justice and to make them irresistibly practical, humorous and human." 

--Gloria Steinem




From Divided Light Projects, LLC, THE GARDEN LADY by New York Times best-selling author Susan Dworkin.

THE GARDEN LADY is a story of complicity: its huge rewards, its encroaching terrors. A story very much for our time.

"The Garden Lady is a tale about a journey into a gilded lifestyle, punctuated at times with the backdrop of the Garden State. It's a great New Jersey story. It has it all – corruption, love, a garbage dump and a garden! Happy reading!" -- Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Majority Leader, New Jersey State Senate


 THE GARDEN LADY by Susan Dworkin is a novel about unexpected love, the silence that becomes complicity, and the magic of redemption. Urgent and compelling, this novel, set in New Jersey, resonates with today's headlines as it poses the ethical question: How do we live with what we know but choose not to think about or act upon?


Maxie Dash, the heroine of THE GARDEN LADY, is a famous beauty, a fashion icon, the face of many national TV ads. Her first husband, a world-class photographer, took nude pictures of her, which are so beautiful that they now hang in museums.


On the cusp of her 50s, Maxie decides to make one more marriage, something permanent and restful, to a rich man who will guarantee her an affluent life and future security. Amazingly she finds the perfect man. Even more amazingly, she grows to love him. Albert shares Maxie's passion for the opera and willingly supports her favorite charities. He indulges her delight in public gardens and allows her to endow her New Jersey community with their beauty. 


All he asks in return is that she give him her love and her unswerving loyalty and agree to know nothing -- absolutely nothing -- about his business.


Maxie is sustained by her best friend, the designer Ceecee Rodriguez, whom she treasures as a sister. But she is shaken by the persistent enmity of Sam Euphemia, a fierce young business executive, who suspects Albert of terrible crimes.


Add Maxie Dash to the list of great heroines of contemporary fiction. Smart, funny, enjoying every moment of her hard-won success, she ultimately faces the truth about her life, moves past denial and realizes that "her loyalty was a side effect of her greed and her greed was a crime against nature and her silence, her willful, terror-stricken silence, the true disaster."  Her attempt to turn Garbage Mountain, a New Jersey landfill, into a beautiful park is key to her redemption.


THE GARDEN LADY reads like a thriller or a binge-worthy Netflix series. Entertaining and provocative, it is packed with ethical questions, dark humor and insight and offers us a female protagonist you will never forget.





"A beautiful story of survival, an inspiring tale of overcoming fear."--

Washington Jewish Week

THE NAZI OFFICER'S WIFE -- now among the most popular books on Apple's iBooks -- is a true memoir of love and terror in the Third Reich which Dworkin wrote with the woman who lived it, the late Edith Hahn Beer.

The new edition includes: 
> Updated accounts of the people in Edith's life
> Comments from Edith's daughter and grandson
> Stimulating discussion questions for book clubs

The new edition is available on line in paperback and kindle editions, and in bookstores everywhere. Order the audiobook featuring Barbara Rosenblat (Orange is the New Black) available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.