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IN STORES MARCH 10: The new expanded edition of The New York Times bestseller, THE NAZI OFFICER’S WIFE

“A beautiful story of survival, an inspiring tale of overcoming fear."

Watch for a brand new edition of THE NAZI OFFICER'S WIFE, which recently spent 29 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List. This memoir of love and terror in the Third Reich -- which I wrote with the woman who lived it, the late Edith Hahn Beer -- now has wonderful new additions.

> Updated accounts of the people in Edith's life

> Comments from Edith's daughter and grandson

> Stimulating discussion questions for book clubs

The new edition will be out in paperback and Kindle editions by March 10.

And there is a smashing audiobook featuring Barbara Rosenblat (Orange is the New Black) available on .

THE COMMONS, a new novel

Fresh from the success of her New York Times Best Seller, THE NAZI OFFICER'S WIFE, Susan Dworkin has penned a thrilling new novel — THE COMMONS — about a future society facing a catastrophic threat to the food supply.

It is the year 2165. Climate change has impoverished the world. One giant corporation governs North America. When a fierce wheat plague threatens everyone with starvation, an alliance of plant scientists, robot spies, and fed-up farmers organize to fight it. And at their center is a young pop singer named Lizzie who becomes the voice of the revolution.

Select Praise for THE COMMONS

“A great futuristic coming of age novel. A must-read!"

RICHARD ZEYEN | Prof. Emer., Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota

“If you enjoy sci-fi and agriculture too, and you think the current dominant system just might be sitting on the precipice of a dangerous fate, this book is for you. The writing is quick, playful, vibrant — chock full of surprising descriptive embellishments guaranteed to keep the reader entertained. "

KAY MACDONALD | Big Picture Agriculture

"a rollicking good read, full of interesting characters and strange plot twists..."

JEREMY CHERFAS | Eat This Podcast

"I loved this book! Every time I chuckled, which was often, I had to remind myself that Dworkin's agricultural dystopia is where we really seem to be heading. The science writing is astonishing -- brilliantly done!"

DR. ROY C. GOULD | Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

"an intelligent and deeply pertinent ecological thriller...a bouncing, exciting adventure that is a pleasure to read as well as an intellectual treat"
KATE ONYETT | The Future Fire

"A paean to the power of song as a subversive, vital agent for change…What an amazing feat, to write a novel that brings music, science, environment and politics onto every page!"

MEL MARVIN | Composer, The Grinch

"A must read for everyone who is concerned about the future availability of food."
PER PINSTRUP-ANDERSON | World Food Prize Winner and Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy at Cornell University

"Dworkin leads us expertly and enthusiastically into Bent Skovmand's infrequently penetrated domain of plant breeding and international seed banks..."
PETER PRINGLE | Author of Food Inc. and The Murder of Nikolai Vavilov


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