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THE FARM BILL A Play in One Act about the Politics of Farming

Imagine this. You're a low level clerk in a mammoth bureaucracy. You like your job. You don't think much about what you are actually doing. Then one day...somebody you respect says that what you are doing is bad for the country.

You're embarrassed, defensive bewildered. You start thinking about who's being helped and who's being hurt by what you do. And once that happens, you might just end up like Luana Barnes, the heroine of the play, launching a one-woman revolution that for a few moments brings the mammoth bureaucracy to a crashing halt.

* * * *
One set. Four characters. Two men. Two women. THE FARM BILL is an easy-to-produce 35-minute play that will ignite discussion. Perfect for theatres, schools and as the program for a truly memorable meeting.

* * * *

- Five copies of the play, plus a production guide.
- Package includes a one-time royalty fee that allows a school or a community group to use the play on a no-admission-cost basis as often as desired. Discussion questions are bound in with the script.
- The price for the package is: $75.00.

To order the "Play Kit," email us at:


"A smash at the Becket Arts Center." Sally Soluri, President BAC

"A timeless play -- both humorous and scathing. Dworkin gives voice to the rebellion many of us wish we could join." Ahvi Spindell, Director, Lark Theatre, New York City

"A bite-sized piece of theater that is perfect for classes and communities interested in the how and why of our food supply. Our reading inspired a lively post-show discussion." Melissa Wolff, actor